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We all know that hoverboards are gaining popularity with lots of celebrities sporting them. They are nice ways to keep yourself or your kids engaged outdoors, rather than sitting in front of TV, Tabs or Laptops.

But, not in every place it is legalized. Only few places have legalized their uses and we see many celebrities sporting them and showing off their sporting interests. They mostly come in rechargeable batteries operated models.

There have been incidents of hoverboards going on fire. And the reason is the poor quality batteries, low quality components etc. So, there is a board to regulate the rules and standards to be followed by the manufacturers of hiver boards and that is the UL(Underwriters’’ laboratories).

Every hoverboard that has UL standard 2272 is considered completely safe to use. SwagTron is one such company to have introduced the boards which is completely UL 2272 standard. Offering great designs and features, SwagTron models are alluring people’s eyes.

we tell you about the top models from this company, look for the top price in this SwagTron review 2016 ←←. The best models of SwagTron are currently, is T3, T1 and T5 are also in the run. But T3, is the World’s first Hoverboard to achieve UL Standard 2272, this model is everyone’s dream.

SwagTron has patented its most powerful Sentry Shield battery system, which makes it models outstanding. It has its own UL 2271 classification. This powerful and safe battery is damage proof and fire proof. The battery system is smart enough to monitor over voltage, high temperatures’, overcharging or short circuit. T3 model has more features than T1, making it the best buy. This one is priced at close to 500 dollars, but is worth it.

Do you know about Gold Hover board? This is a product of Segway. Segway’s Cruiser Edition V2 is this gold hoverboard. This model has official Lithium-ion certified by UL Samsung battery. The electric engine is quiet and has long lasting power. The performance of this model is stable and offers great speed.

It has top-notch self-balancing technology and the body made of tough ABS material makes it more durable. It has a non-slip rubber pedal mat, ensuring the safety. It is very sleek and easy to carry. The attractive colour makes it definitely a must have.

Asking us about discounted hoverboards to BUY? There are many stores that offer introductory discounts, festive discounts. Also, there are many online sites that offer you best dicsounts and deals to die for. You may choose among them and buy the best that suits your need and your wallet.

The best-selling hoverboards review ONLINE, gives the list of best models, reviewed in terms of quality of body, battery quality, and technology used best selling hoverboards review ONLINE. Its price and other features too are considered. Based on many users’ reviews and experiences this list is published.

* SwagTron T1

* Jeston V8

* Razor Hover board

* Skyque X1

All these are among the best ones. Select the one you need.