DSLR Cameras – technology that has revolutionized the photography industry

Times a’ changing:

“Old order changes giving place to new”

Technology is a foe of the golden. It simply gobbles up the past. With the increasing modernization that is happening today. The equipment that is bought only ten years ago has the ability to look ancient. Technology is rushing in such a maddening pace and before we know it, the old is already out ringing in the new.

The journey of regular film cameras to DSLR Cameras:

A decade ago, a majority of us clicked pictures by clicking on the trigger of the camera without even knowing for sure whether we have made the mark in taking the picture correctly focusing on the object desired. Once the film role was exhausted, we used to take it to the laboratory to get it developed. Only then we could see the fruits of our labor.

Cut to the millennium years, the photo laboratories are all shutting down shop and diversifying into similar trade. The reason: technology has now come so far that each one of us is virtually armed with a high resolution camera in our smart phones and we are happily clicking away seeing even while clicking what the result of our clicking spree is going to be. Hail technology!

Why the scales have tipped in favour of the best camera DSLR?

There are three main advantages to switching over to them

  1. The cameras have manual controls and settings that allow the photographer to decide each time what kind of photograph he want to take;
  2. The picture quality of the photograph is high in quality with absolutely no compromise in color sharpness; and
  3. The ability to work with the same instrument and interchangeable lenses. This has two benefits. One is that by only being able to change lenses alone the camera becomes very economical and secondly, the photographer’s comfort level is very high with his own instrument because he does not need to change it every time he changes his lens.

What are the brands available in the market today?

There are two main competitors. They are

  1. Canon digital SLR; and
  2. Nikon digital SLR.

How is the quality of Nikon DSLR Cameras?

Nikon makes outstanding photography gear is an undisputed fact but most of the times it is always compared to its competitor, Canon. Let me assure you that this is not region specific but world over photography enthusiasts and professionals opt for either one of the two.

Nikon’s advantage is that it is more durable since it has a sturdier outer casing. The quality is uncompromising and that explains why it is slightly pricier than its competitor. The ergonomics is another deciding factor because a photographer has to carry his gear for a very long time and to say that in the most comfortable of situations is a big lie. Nikon’s cameras are tad lighter and easier to hold than what Canon makes. Performance wise they are almost the same. It will make you feel good to hear that NASA recommends Nikon for all its expeditions.

Canon 70D reviews – giving Nikon tough competition:

This is the most worthy upgrade from its previous model EOS 60D. Experts believe that that this particular model is a culmination of all the best features that Canon’s previous successful models had. Indeed it is true because this model has not only been commercially most successful among all the EOS models up till date but it has garnered quite a fan following among the photography professionals and enthusiasts alike.

It boasts of built in Wi-Fi, articulated touch screen functions and sensors, an amazing autofocus sensor, 20.2 megapixel resolution with a revolutionary new Dual Pixel CMOS AF which can split a single pixel into two. This feature enables the auto focus to be more efficient than in the previous models. It uses the DIGIC 5+ image processor and sports a 7 point focal shoot. In short it is the most logical update from Canon after its previous model. It is a good buy for your money.