Best Pocket Knives For Survival

For a man who is brave, at times even a blade of grass could come handy. When faced with a matter of life or death anything could be a weapon, when one is prepared and has one of the best pocket knives, then the chances of survival gets better. Especially for military personnel one never knows what situation they may find themselves. One may get caught in the jungle or even face enemy forces in a remote place inside enemy territory and have to survive a night before being rescued. At times guns are not enough and one does run out of bullets and they cannot be used to cut wood or make a camp site. In these times having the best pocket knife helps a lot.

Below is a list of some of the best knives for survival


The gerber lmf ii asek is one of the best military survival knives. The name itself clears what it is best for; ASEK is an acronym for aircrew survival egress knife and is widely used by the US Army. It is a 10 inch knife can be sued for many purposes right from cutting off a seat belt to cutting firewood. The tang and butt cap are separated totally so that there is no shock transferred to the person during hammering or even electrical shocks. It can also be converted to a spear with its grooves and lashings. It is highly adaptable to the tough environments one may face.


The ka bar survival knife is one of the early combat knives that was used by the United States Marine Corps. One of the popular stories that describe why this name was chosen is that a fur trapper had his gun jammed and he used this knife to kill a bear, but the paper in which he wrote was crumbled and it looked like ka bar. It traditionally uses a 7 inch carbon steel blade and a leather handle. There are a wide variety of all-purpose and utility knives that are manufactured by KA-BAR.

Paramilitary 2:

The paramilitary 2 is also one of the best fit pocket knives. It is an upgrade from the previous classic version. The handle has been improved for better grip. It has a compression lock and a four way clip making it easy to carry. Overall it is sharper, smoother and has better user comfort. One can check the testimonials of paramilitary 2 review and see for themselves.

The above list is just a sample of some of the popular and good knives; there are plenty of other models that are available. One can buy these knives and similar ones online. One can also read the reviews of various models and check their uses before deciding to buy a good knife within the budget. If one is not satisfied that a single survival knife is going to satisfy his needs then he may have to buy two or three different knives, especially if there are going to be survival challenges in places where one goes. Why take a risk when survival knives are there.