Ideas for building a custom home

When you go through home design magazines, you may catch a glimpse of custom homes that you like. You may, however, know that you will need some features to be specially designed and yet you do not have an idea where to start. Regardless of the reason you have for choosing custom homes, it helps to have many ideas at the fingertips. The following ideas can help you make your home as unique as you would want it.

Custom bar area

If you entertain a lot in your home, then you may consider having a custom bar area in your home. You can equip the bar area with a mini-fridge, a small sink, wine racks, and luxurious counter space. There are many ways of creating a custom bar area which perfectly suits your personality.custombarrrrrrrrrrr

Home theatre

Adding a modern home theatre is a popular room remodel idea today. There are wonderful media chairs made for media rooms specifically. You will also get incredible projection screens which are perfect for watching whatever you want. Today if you have a custom-built theatre at home your guests may not even want to leave. You can design your home theatre in whichever way you want.

Finished basement

One thing that is great about finished basements is that it is a clean slate. It is possible to build anything you want in your basement then make it comfortable by giving it an excellent finish. The basement can serve a place for media rooms since it is dark and nice which is a perfect environment for watching movies. It can also be an extra bedroom, a playroom for children, a study or anything you dream of making it.

Dream kitchen

Most people when asked what they would want their dream kitchens to look like, they wish that the refrigerator was in one place and the kitchen sink in another. Remodeling your kitchen gives you an excellent opportunity to create the layout you want while changing the décor and putting new countertops and cabinets.

Go green

There is a massive movement towards sustainability and living in a manner that is more harmless to the planet. You do not need to redo your entire home. You can choose to concentrate on small things which will make your home more energy efficient. Doing projects like adding spray foam insulation can help to enhance energy efficiency.customgrrrrrrrrrr

Custom homes are a good way of putting your stamp on your home and creating what you love. These are some of the ideas that will help you in making your home unique. Besides, there is a great feeling coming home to a house you designed yourself so try this out.…


Ensuring your child’s safety during play in school

By now, you must be familiar with physical play benefits and how important it is for every child, especially at school. Physical play benefits children from an early age. Some of these benefits include skills teaching such as teamwork and self-discipline, motor skills development and reducing health problems like childhood obesity. However, what many caregivers and parent do not realize, is the risk involved with the outdoor play, and especially at the school since there is no supervision of play as required.

Research shows that more than two hundred thousand children are injured due to playground-related injuries and are sent to emergency rooms every year. You can play a role to reduce this in a great way. Here are steps that aim at achieving your child’s safety during play at school.


The first step to ensure that your child is safe at the playground is to be aware of all the activities that your child takes part in. It is also important that you be informed of the amount and frequency of these activities, especially when it is gym or recess.schoolawarrrrrrrr

Most schools provide trained supervisors and caregivers who mostly overlook your child’s physical activity. But if you are not satisfied with that, you can still ask about the level of supervision and if the nurse is always available. You can also volunteer to supervise during any physical activities at the school.


Let your children know how important it is for them to stay safe at all times. You cannot be with your child at school all the time, so ensure that your child is aware of the safety guidelines. As a parent, you should constantly brief your child about important information like, staying off the wet playground, no pushing and waiting for your turn. Also, remind them not to use any equipment in the playground or gym if they do not know how to handle it or unsure of its proper use.


The right equipment is the key. It is more likely that your child is in some sports team if he/she is into physical activities in school. Make sure to check the equipment that your child needs for the sport and ensure that it is durable and in good condition, also that it is of the relevant sport. For skating, baseball, softball, and hockey, a sturdy helmet, proper goggles, and footwear are required. If your young boy is involved in physical activity, get him an athletic cup for protection of his groin areas.

Be responsible and keep your child safe during play at school by taking these steps to ensure the safety of your child at all times.…

Welcome to Westminster Online

Welcome to Westminster Online

Welcome to Westminster Presbyterian Church, a telling presence in the city of Minneapolis for nearly 150 years. At Westminster, you’ll experience joyful worship of God, uplifting music, and intelligent, faithful engagement of today’s issues.

The object of our life together in this great congregation is the worship and service of God, “to love God and neighbor.” That begins with attending and participating in weekly worship. Beyond Sunday mornings, however, the life of our church is rich and varied. If you desire to take part and make a difference, we hope you will find much here to give you that opportunity.

Together, from our worship to our service in the community, we live our mission of being a telling presence in the city, in the name of Jesus Christ. Come join us!

This Sunday at WPC:
Sunday, December 02, 2001
1st Sunday of Advent

Sermon: From Hope to Joy: The Advent of Peace
Tim Hart-Andersen
Scripture: Isaiah 2:1-5; Matthew 24:36-44
Sunday Forum: Africian Drums, Sosthenes Kwasi Nunyakpe, Drummer

Join us for Sunday Worship:
8:00am – Chapel Communion Service
8:30 and 10:30am – Worship in the Sanctuary
9:15am – Children’s and adult education

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