DSLR Cameras – technology that has revolutionized the photography industry

Times a’ changing:

“Old order changes giving place to new”

Technology is a foe of the golden. It simply gobbles up the past. With the increasing modernization that is happening today. The equipment that is bought only ten years ago has the ability to look ancient. Technology is rushing in such a maddening pace and before we know it, the old is already out ringing in the new.

The journey of regular film cameras to DSLR Cameras:

A decade ago, a majority of us clicked pictures by clicking on the trigger of the camera without even knowing for sure whether we have made the mark in taking the picture correctly focusing on the object desired. Once the film role was exhausted, we used to take it to the laboratory to get it developed. Only then we could see the fruits of our labor.

Cut to the millennium years, the photo laboratories are all shutting down shop and diversifying into similar trade. The reason: technology has now come so far that each one of us is virtually armed with a high resolution camera in our smart phones and we are happily clicking away seeing even while clicking what the result of our clicking spree is going to be. Hail technology!

Why the scales have tipped in favour of the best camera DSLR?

There are three main advantages to switching over to them

  1. The cameras have manual controls and settings that allow the photographer to decide each time what kind of photograph he want to take;
  2. The picture quality of the photograph is high in quality with absolutely no compromise in color sharpness; and
  3. The ability to work with the same instrument and interchangeable lenses. This has two benefits. One is that by only being able to change lenses alone the camera becomes very economical and secondly, the photographer’s comfort level is very high with his own instrument because he does not need to change it every time he changes his lens.

What are the brands available in the market today?

There are two main competitors. They are

  1. Canon digital SLR; and
  2. Nikon digital SLR.

How is the quality of Nikon DSLR Cameras?

Nikon makes outstanding photography gear is an undisputed fact but most of the times it is always compared to its competitor, Canon. Let me assure you that this is not region specific but world over photography enthusiasts and professionals opt for either one of the two.

Nikon’s advantage is that it is more durable since it has a sturdier outer casing. The quality is uncompromising and that explains why it is slightly pricier than its competitor. The ergonomics is another deciding factor because a photographer has to carry his gear for a very long time and to say that in the most comfortable of situations is a big lie. Nikon’s cameras are tad lighter and easier to hold than what Canon makes. Performance wise they are almost the same. It will make you feel good to hear that NASA recommends Nikon for all its expeditions.

Canon 70D reviews – giving Nikon tough competition:

This is the most worthy upgrade from its previous model EOS 60D. Experts believe that that this particular model is a culmination of all the best features that Canon’s previous successful models had. Indeed it is true because this model has not only been commercially most successful among all the EOS models up till date but it has garnered quite a fan following among the photography professionals and enthusiasts alike.

It boasts of built in Wi-Fi, articulated touch screen functions and sensors, an amazing autofocus sensor, 20.2 megapixel resolution with a revolutionary new Dual Pixel CMOS AF which can split a single pixel into two. This feature enables the auto focus to be more efficient than in the previous models. It uses the DIGIC 5+ image processor and sports a 7 point focal shoot. In short it is the most logical update from Canon after its previous model. It is a good buy for your money.

Experts on Microphones

For a newbie, it is difficult to navigate the world of sound without losing track somewhere along the line. It takes a lot of trying and testing to get the combination of sound, vibrations, and acoustics right before being able to put a recording out. If there is even one thing off the mark, then, the entire process of recording a vocal/instrument goes to waste. There are so many nuances that a bad microphone could do more harm than good.

When buying a microphone for vocal recording, resort to expert reviews. This is the best way to ensure that your vocals are as stand out as someone else’s. (Experts agree) best microphone for vocals is one that is able to best capture your sound. Each person’s voice is distinctive and has its own vibrations, in order for these acoustics to be best captured and recorded, the equipment must be right. This is where expert opinions come into play. It is best if you ensure that you know exactly why you need the mic for – male or female voices, the kind of register those voices are singing in, do you need it to record instrumentals as well? – once that is clear then the choices are filtered immediately.

Take, for instance, the Sennheiser e935 – even though this is not a studio mic, this is one that is best suited for a live show. The mic is a dynamic cardioid mic offering a smooth and natural sound. The transient response ensures that not a single sound is missed out and everything sung reaches the throng of screaming fans out there! The mic is made entirely of metal, so this is one for the road – it’s tough and can handle any amount of roughhousing. It doesn’t have a very high sensitivity to impact so even if you’re holding the mic while executing a big dance move, nothing will happen. Pick the SEnnheiser e935 if you have a tour coming up!

Another mic worth looking out for is the Audio Technica AT2020. This is a well-made mic that gives good sound despite the fact that it doesn’t adapt any of the features which are considered standard specs. The Audio Technica at2020 best review!! is this – this mic delivers superb sound and very professional sounds in any home studio environment. Anything more would be overselling the product.

Another great recording mic is the Blue Yeti microphone. The mic has extra recording modes in-built which means more options and a more full-range of sound. As a USB microphone it packs quite a lot of features which means it is perfect for artistes on the go. This can only mean good things for those who want to invest in this mic. Experts call it “sonically flexible” since it has many recording modes and delivers very good sounds on all modes. These multi-recording modes ensure that all nuances are captured effectively.

What’s important when using a microphone is the sound. Nothing else matters. It’s important to note all the features and also analyse your requirements before spending money hiring or buying a microphone.

Hover Boards that fit easily in your pockets! Best in price and quality!

We all know that hoverboards are gaining popularity with lots of celebrities sporting them. They are nice ways to keep yourself or your kids engaged outdoors, rather than sitting in front of TV, Tabs or Laptops.

But, not in every place it is legalized. Only few places have legalized their uses and we see many celebrities sporting them and showing off their sporting interests. They mostly come in rechargeable batteries operated models.

There have been incidents of hoverboards going on fire. And the reason is the poor quality batteries, low quality components etc. So, there is a board to regulate the rules and standards to be followed by the manufacturers of hiver boards and that is the UL(Underwriters’’ laboratories).

Every hoverboard that has UL standard 2272 is considered completely safe to use. SwagTron is one such company to have introduced the boards which is completely UL 2272 standard. Offering great designs and features, SwagTron models are alluring people’s eyes.

we tell you about the top models from this company, look for the top price in this SwagTron review 2016 ←←. The best models of SwagTron are currently, is T3, T1 and T5 are also in the run. But T3, is the World’s first Hoverboard to achieve UL Standard 2272, this model is everyone’s dream.

SwagTron has patented its most powerful Sentry Shield battery system, which makes it models outstanding. It has its own UL 2271 classification. This powerful and safe battery is damage proof and fire proof. The battery system is smart enough to monitor over voltage, high temperatures’, overcharging or short circuit. T3 model has more features than T1, making it the best buy. This one is priced at close to 500 dollars, but is worth it.

Do you know about Gold Hover board? This is a product of Segway. Segway’s Cruiser Edition V2 is this gold hoverboard. This model has official Lithium-ion certified by UL Samsung battery. The electric engine is quiet and has long lasting power. The performance of this model is stable and offers great speed.

It has top-notch self-balancing technology and the body made of tough ABS material makes it more durable. It has a non-slip rubber pedal mat, ensuring the safety. It is very sleek and easy to carry. The attractive colour makes it definitely a must have.

Asking us about discounted hoverboards to BUY? There are many stores that offer introductory discounts, festive discounts. Also, there are many online sites that offer you best dicsounts and deals to die for. You may choose among them and buy the best that suits your need and your wallet.

The best-selling hoverboards review ONLINE, gives the list of best models, reviewed in terms of quality of body, battery quality, and technology used best selling hoverboards review ONLINE. Its price and other features too are considered. Based on many users’ reviews and experiences this list is published.

* SwagTron T1

* Jeston V8

* Razor Hover board

* Skyque X1

All these are among the best ones. Select the one you need.

Radar Detectors – That is Worth Your Money.

Ever got caught by police for speed? Caught for crossing limits, skipping signal? We hope that you have heard about radar detectors, its usage in reducing tickets for speeding. Do you know which ones are the best, worth every penny?

Well, you are new to radar detectors? We shall explain you what they are. Radar detectors are devices used by motorists or vehicle riders to check if their speed is being monitored by the police. These radar detectors use superheterodyne receiver to detect the electromagnetic emissions from these radio guns and alert the motorist about the speed levels.

Escort is becoming the pioneer in the industry. It has credits of producing world class radar detectors. Escort is the only company in the World to produce all digital detectors with true DSP to alert real threats accurately and fast too.

Presenting one of the most sensitive devices with excellent features and performance is the Redline Radar.

This redlines radar detector uses advanced technology and keeps you safe by making your own radar detector invisible to the cop’s detectors. It has feature of providing one of the longest ranges of warning, by detecting from wide range of spectrum. Pop signals too are detected and the warnings given have clear picture information. The false alarms are very efficiently detected. Overall, it is worth your money in terms of quality and its price. For more detailed review about his product, please click ‘http://www.speedzones.com/value-for-money/escort-redline-review/’. We have given you just an overview from the same.

Escort passport 9500ix will get you far, from getting ticketed. Yes, this is another radar detector which is one of the best affordable detectors available.

This device is intelligent enough to quickly distinguish the type of alarm raised, alert you genuinely. It clearly distinguishes between false alarms and real ones, giving you the time to act. It has crystal clear voice alerting mechanism, so you would never miss an alert.it has an in-built GPS system. This one is by far the only one device which can detect 4 types of threats- radar, laser, loop and photo-based, all 4 in one. It can be used even in motorcycles too.

It has auto-learn features, mounting is made very easy. So, as a whole, this one is just right for everyone and anyone. The best in the market, at the best price!

From the Cobra radar detector review 2016/2017, is the top best model in the market.This model or version of cobra is upgraded than other ones. This is one compact and powerful detector which detects all the 14 radar and laser bands used by the police. It also detects the latest POP radar guns used in cities and highways. The Cobra using lot of technical features is one of the fastest detectors available.

So, thinking which is the top radar detector for cash? Here are few:

* Escort Passport 9500 IX

* Cobra XRS 930

* Escort Passport 8500

Drones For Kids And Adults- Points To be Noted While Purchasing Online

Ecommerce is growing rapidly. You could get everything online. Online shopping is not similar to normal shopping. You cannot feel the item while purchasing it. However you can make sure that you are purchasing the best one. If you are the one who is on the lookout for drones online, then you have to take note of few points before you purchase.

* Purpose: Decide on the purpose of your purchase. If you are on the lookout for kids, then check for drones like syma x5c which has builtin camera for your kids to enjoy.

* Range: Each drone is manufactured to fly only a certain range. Drones for kids are very much restricted in range. These drones cannot fly more than 2 km of range. For example, certain parrot drones cover only a small range. If drones are purchased for adults who like to use it for capturing natural or a scenic view, then higher range of drones could be considered.

* Size and Weight: Size and weight is an important feature that has to be considered. Some drones could be easily carried in your pocket, some could easily be carried in a single hand and some are very difficult to be carried by one hand. So, keep an eye on this parameter.

* Extra Features: Apart from the flight, drones have extra features like light, camera, and sound .These are the very basic features which are available in most of the drones. Certain drones have additional features like GPS which helps the drones to return to its base.

* Pros and Cons: Each drone has its advantages and disadvantages. Before you purchase one, you have to mainly concentrate on them. A disadvantage of a drone may not be big for you. For example, certain drones do not have a camera in it. This is not a big disadvantage if you are going to purchase it for your kid. Another example is AkasoX5C, this drone does not have good battery life but Akaso X5C ultimate stunts are popularly spoken of. So, do not forget to read the pros and cons of the drones you choose.

* Price: The price of each drone varies. Some are available for low price range and some are highly priced. Best drones are slightly on the higher side. If you are strict on budget, you can check various sale offers. You will also get fast drones for sale CHEAP

* Review: Review is what one should consider before purchasing . There are genuine reviews and there are also reviews which are written to make money. So make sure you are on a genuine review site. If you choose parrot drone then do not forget to read the Parrot drone review. Similarly, take a look at various reviews.

To purchase drones, do not forget to consider all the above points. If you want to know about the top quadcopters and drones, you can read reviews about it in Bestairbd.com ONLINE. You have the best reviews and sales offers here.

Best Pocket Knives For Survival

For a man who is brave, at times even a blade of grass could come handy. When faced with a matter of life or death anything could be a weapon, when one is prepared and has one of the best pocket knives, then the chances of survival gets better. Especially for military personnel one never knows what situation they may find themselves. One may get caught in the jungle or even face enemy forces in a remote place inside enemy territory and have to survive a night before being rescued. At times guns are not enough and one does run out of bullets and they cannot be used to cut wood or make a camp site. In these times having the best pocket knife helps a lot.

Below is a list of some of the best knives for survival


The gerber lmf ii asek is one of the best military survival knives. The name itself clears what it is best for; ASEK is an acronym for aircrew survival egress knife and is widely used by the US Army. It is a 10 inch knife can be sued for many purposes right from cutting off a seat belt to cutting firewood. The tang and butt cap are separated totally so that there is no shock transferred to the person during hammering or even electrical shocks. It can also be converted to a spear with its grooves and lashings. It is highly adaptable to the tough environments one may face.


The ka bar survival knife is one of the early combat knives that was used by the United States Marine Corps. One of the popular stories that describe why this name was chosen is that a fur trapper had his gun jammed and he used this knife to kill a bear, but the paper in which he wrote was crumbled and it looked like ka bar. It traditionally uses a 7 inch carbon steel blade and a leather handle. There are a wide variety of all-purpose and utility knives that are manufactured by KA-BAR.

Paramilitary 2:

The paramilitary 2 is also one of the best fit pocket knives. It is an upgrade from the previous classic version. The handle has been improved for better grip. It has a compression lock and a four way clip making it easy to carry. Overall it is sharper, smoother and has better user comfort. One can check the testimonials of paramilitary 2 review and see for themselves.

The above list is just a sample of some of the popular and good knives; there are plenty of other models that are available. One can buy these knives and similar ones online. One can also read the reviews of various models and check their uses before deciding to buy a good knife within the budget. If one is not satisfied that a single survival knife is going to satisfy his needs then he may have to buy two or three different knives, especially if there are going to be survival challenges in places where one goes. Why take a risk when survival knives are there.

How to choose the right 3D Printing material

If you just bought a plug and play 3D home printer for yourself, chances are that you won’t think about the printing material until you run out of it for the first time. 3D Printing can be so exciting and having you own personal 3D printer will make you try printing out your favorite things as soon as you get your hands on one.

The good news is that you can simply buy more printing material and start printing, but there are so many types of printing material and so it is good to know a bit about them before you buy the right one for your printer.

Printing filaments and their types

It is not important to just buy the best 3d PRINTER(s) for Home use, what is equally important is how you choose the right filament for your printer.

Though there are more than 30 different types of printer filaments, two of the most commonly used filaments and the most recommended 3d printer filament types for 3D printers are ABS and PLA. Here is a look at some of them.


Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is an oil-based thermo plastic that is used as a filament to melt and create 3D structures. Due to its durability it is preferred for creating parts of machines and equipment.


Polylactic Acid (PLA) is the most popular printing material for home 3D printers. It is made from plant-based sources such as cornstarch and sugarcane, making it an eco-friendly option over ABS.


High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) is used with ABS wherever support is required but is not part of the end product. It is removed from the end product simply by immersing in a solvent.


Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA), like HIPS is used to support parts of a structure that are printed. It is used with PVA and is removed from the final product by simply immersing in plain water as it is water-soluble.

Cheat sheet to buying printing filament for your 3D printer

The printing material is what your final product is going to be made of, so it is vital to choose it correctly to avoid printing failures or printer damage.

* Printing material type – ABS or PLA are the best options for home 3D printers

* Filament diameter – Most commonly used printer diameters are 1.75mm and 3.00 mm.

* Filament grade – The quality of your project will also be affected by the filament grade. Some good grades for PLA are 4043D and 2003D. For ABS a filament grade of PA-747 is popular.

* Colors – The filaments are available in a variety of colors and transparencies, the latter being cheaper. Colored materials also tend to fade with sanding, in which case white is preferred.

* Printing conditions – Since ABS emits fumes, it needs a well-ventilated environment PLA on the other hand does not emit harmful fumes and works well even in cold conditions.

If you are new to 3D printing and don’t know where to start you can read reviews about the top consumer 3D printer [GET PRICE] that are popular or you can CLICK FOR MORE INFO.

Binoculars and the Brands

These days, everyone is cautious about making a little higher investment in better brands. And binoculars are no exception! Buying anything for a long term use, should definitely be a good one, best one in their quality.

Binoculars are those optical instruments that enable you see far off objects clearly. If you are an adventure or nature loving person, binoculars are going to be your best pal, no second thoughts! But buying one is pretty cumbersome. You need to make a thorough study, compare the models, and check their prices and many other things.

But, never drop the idea of buying one with the thought of so many things. Leave the worry to us! We are giving you a list of Top Rated Binoculars.

* Zeiss

* Zhumell

* Bushnell

* Nikon

* Steiner

These are the top binoculars, in terms of quality and their price.

Binoculars vary largely in their making based on the purpose. Binoculars are used for birding, wildlife hunting, astronomy, or just casual nature gazing. Be it for any purpose, there are many models available. Let’s see the binoculars for Birding!

Bird watching is pretty difficult than wildlife. Thinking why, cos bird flies away just in a moment, and you never know why and when! So, you must be very careful and choose the right instrument to spot the bird and collect the details. In birding too, if you are just a beginner you have one set of binoculars to choose from, if you are trying your hand at being professional, then you may need higher ones. Let’s see how to choose Binoculars for birding!

Watch out for Weight & Size: for birdies this is more concerning parameter. You can’t carry heavier ones all over the trek, or through that forest or simply when you are out all day long. You might need to watch for the weight and opt for light weight ones.

Big are bad: yes, don’t be pulled by the notion that big is the Best! No, the bigger the model, bad is your Field of View (FOV). This FOV is what your eyes can see. So, bigger the magnification, higher is the image, lesser the FOV. So try buying one with the basic magnifying lens, like of 7 or 8x. This also has an advantage of giving you a wider image.

Speed of Focusing: The object should be able to focus really fast and speed. The binocular you chose should be able to adjust the focus over to the object at a faster pace; otherwise chances are that you would miss the bird.

Fog and Waterproof: investing on Waterproof models will last you a long time. You might want to capture a bird that is on waters. Or even catch the glimpse of bird that comes early in

the winter morning! In such situations, you must look out for binoculars with Water and fog proof. This will ensure that, you continue to pursue your interest without any worries of damaging your investment piece.

Hope this was good piece of info for all Birdies!

For those who can’t carry the huge ones, there are Compact Binoculars for you. They are just smaller versions of the huge ones, but making it easy for you to carry around everywhere and without much trouble.

We give a list of The Best Compact Binoculars for me!

* Swarovski 8 x 25 CL Pocket Binoculars

* Steiner Wildlife XP 10 x 26 Binocular

* Opticron Oasis 10 x 28 Binoculars

* Leica 10 x 25 Trinovid Binoculars

For hunting purposes, there are few other best brands. Let’s see the Best Hunting Season Binoculars, for those interested in Wildlife activities.

* Snypex Knight D-ED Binocular 8 x 42

* Eschenbach Trophy D 8 x 42 ED binocular

* Opticron DBA VHD 10 x 42 binocular

Happy Sighting!!

Own the Best B-B-Q Grill in Town

When it comes to owning a grill, be it an electric grill outdoor or gas grills, Weber is the first name that comes to our mind when it comes to buying the best bbq grills. Weber is in this business for the last sixty years. When the family is together, Weber grills become a part of the family. They are top of the line grills for quite some time in the industry.

Good Grills are those which can stand the test of time and are free from problems like heat spots, rust and not-so-smooth built-in temperature. Weber offers such good quality grills that are free from all the above factors.

The Weber Spirit 310 gas B-B-Q grill is the best one in the market and is one of the favorites for propane grill lovers.

The Advantage

Who doesn’t love a pretty look? This grill looks pretty and is rock solid. It is made of stainless steel and its black color adds to the class. While there is no question about the quality of this product, the style quotient equals the quality quotient. What else does anyone want when style, quality and lifetime reliability comes together?

Precision cooking

If the temperature gauge shows 350 degrees, then the grill is exactly 350 degrees, nothing more nothing less. The cooking is precise and is made very easy with just the turn of a knob.

Grill for a Party

The Grill is made to suit even for heavy use. Be it a small family or even for 10 people, cooking is easy with Weber. You don’t even need to question about what to use and how to clean grill? It is very easy to clean and maintain the grill. Transporting the Weber is also very easy as it has locking wheels at the bottom. You can even tailgate with it.

Beautiful Food

This Weber grill is special because of the beautiful seared mark it makes on the meat. If you are seared grilled meat lover, then this grill is for you. The high and constant, even heat that the Weber grill provides to the meat makes it tasty and also look beautiful. It is also easy to heat the grill up quickly. So, you need not worry about the waiting time. Switch on and start cooking.

Cleaning made Easy

There is a drip tray in the Weber grill. The drippings easily drain into the drip tray through the drip hole unlike other look-alikes where they clog and make it tough to clean. If a lining is set

using aluminum foils, then it would be even easier to clean it. Just scrub the grill while it is still warm and it will become sparkle clean.

Go for a Grill that is value for the Money

It is true that Weber grills cost more. But it is a real value for money. It is a grill at the top of the list of quality grills. If you buy a Weber grill, you can be sure of it lasting for years to come. It is a grill for the whole family without compromising on quality and taste.